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What is the JL ELITE & What do I get?

Fully Custom Built 12 week Training Program & Nutrition Plan Tailored in & Around Your Goals & Lifestyle

24/7 Email Support with Jenna Louise

4 Week Check-In Blocks & Data Capture (optional)

Wide Variety Of Training Methodologies Used to get you out of your comfort zone & in the growth zone

Gym, Home, Outdoors & Holiday Packages Available

Want to eliminate excuses, keep yourself accountable, get your thought patterns and desires in sync, remain hungry AF in achieving your visions and goals?

Spend the next 12 weeks with me as your coach and join the JL ELITE. Online Custom Programming where I will be working with you one-on-one to develop the most customised training programs and nutrition plan. 

We will work together to build you a versatile and creative training program to help instil confidence & build knowledge covering a diverse range of training methodologies and fundamentals behind movement.

Your nutrition plan will be built to compliment your training output while fuelling you for performance and to make sure you’re nourishing your body with a well balanced diet.

Both training and nutrition are always tailored in and around your goals & lifestyle. Don’t have a gym membership? You know me, I’m all about creating something from nothing, catering for Gym, home and/or outdoors environments!

Hit me up - fill in your details, I will get in touch with you for a chat to work out the best option for you and get you on board the JL ELITE now!!!

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